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This space is a celebration of the ancient traditions of the south and the purity of the north.

We are Daniel & Fiorella, both deep devotees of ceremony work.

Together we are MUNAY MEDICINE, and we are here to share our passion for cacao, ceremony and sacred spaces.

With lots of Munay

Enjoy the Medicine


Is a word of Quechua origin (indigenous of the Inca empire).
An andean code that represents a state of consciousness in which love, will and power entwine.

For the Q'ero Inca Paqos (shamans) to work with their own Munay is to exercise power, connection and purity.


A remedy which specifically promotes healing and the prevention of disease when ingested, consumed, applied or used in some way.

Peru Retreat

IN Ceremony

November 2-10, 2024

Munay Medicine is taking you to the Sacred Valley of the incas, for an unforgettable experience in the mystical lands of Peru.

We create sacred spaces where cacao weaves in with different practices.

Join us at our next events, ceremonies, retreats 

Join Our Virtual Cacao Activations 

Every month we gather online and share mindfulness practices assisted by the heart medicine of cacao. Experience cacao! 

Make your every day rutines feel sacred. Create rituals, burn away the old, call in the new, access guidance and BE present with yourself. 

Create Sacred Spaces


Deeper heart opening and love

Effortless focus & self expression

A constant flow of energy

Deeper meditation & spiritual practice

Deeper embodiment and sensations

Greater connection with other people Inspiration & creativity

Relaxation and feeling good!

Want to experience the power of ceremony? 

Because of the incredible health and energetic benefits of Cacao, her spirit pairs perfectly with many holistic practices.


Munay Medicine is proud to be part of many events.

Our cacao adds to the magic of many modalities and opens up a doorway for deeper presence and embodiment. 

Private ceremonies

Want to experince the power of working with the Spirit of cacao?

We host private ceremonies to celebrate any moment of life. We weave cacao, breath, sound healing, energy work and guidance to create the perfect moment for you or your group.

Book us for an event

Would you like to have a Cacao stand serving & offering the most deliscious love drink at your next event ? 

We are happy to join at your next  fair, festival, wedding, concert.

Cacao at your door every month? 

Join the Love membership!

Don't miss a moment to enjoy the health and energetics benefits of this medicine of love. 

  • Special membership price.
  • Delivered to your door every month.

is proudly organizing the first spiritual health and art fair in Eskilstuna Sweden.

A gathering of creatives souls!


Munay Medicine 

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